Yù – Designing China

Let’s continue with our serie about design in China. A design exhibition called “Yù – Designing China 中国设计进行时” will be held in the cloister of Milan University “Statale”, from 7 to 13 April 2014. This event might interest our Italian readers or people visiting Milan Design Week, but also reflects what happens when Chinese manufacturers try to enter the European or world market.

Observing these past ten years that the Milan Design Week is one of the most important event for Chinese designers and manufacturers and that their presence is massive and steadily increasing, the founders and organizers of the Milan Design Week had the idea to initiate a partnership with the Beijing Design Week. The first step has been to bring some projects from 2012BJDW to 2013 Milan Design Week.

In the past years many Chinese companies tried to enter the Milan furniture fair iSaloni and got refused due to the poor quality of their products. These companies started as low cost manufacturers and hope Italian design events will give them a new identity as design manufacturers and the possibility to enter the world market. Most of them got refused due to the poor quality of their products. According to Michele Galeotto (co-organizer of the event), “in fact many furniture manufacturers show a wide gap between their high revenues and their low production quality, giving them the cash to sponsor their participation to first class design events but lacking the know-how and the products to exhibit. Most of the times Chinese CEOs are aware of this situation, but the market in China simply does not require them yet to upgrade their production quality, nevertheless they want to bring their brand to Milan in order to purchase a status and wield it at home. »

Yù – Designing China is an attempt to summarize current design trends in China, a glance at what Chinese designers can bring into the international market. The event aims to respond to the will of some Chinese manufacturers who first want to upgrade their brand, before establishing connections with European customers, and so are interested in more flexible and private design events.

Poster Yù


Yang DongJiang and the Italian design magazine Interni curate the exhibition, coordinated by Michele Galeotto. It is sponsored by Beijing Easyhome Investment Holding Group Co. Ltd, and received the academic support of the China Interior Decoration Association.

Here is the list of the participating Chinese designers:

张永和/Yung Ho Chang, 朱锫/Pei Zhu, 邵帆/Fan Shao, 陈耀光/YaoGuang Chen, 林学明/Sherman Lin, 梁建国/JianGuo Liang, 阮昊/Hao Ruan, 琚宾/Bin Ju, 郭锡恩&胡如珊/Rossana Hu & Lyndon Neri, 宋涛/Tao Song, 石大宇/DaYu Shi, 叶宇轩/Yu-Hsuan Yeh, 约翰&乔瓦娜&张雷/Christoph Johm & Jovana Bogdanovic & Lei Zhang, 贾伟/David Jia, 刘铁军/TieJun Liu, 陈大瑞/Derek Chen, 杨明洁/Jamy Yang, 张周捷/ZhouJie Zhang, 高扬/Yang Gao.


Did you notice that we hear more of design from China? The Art Paris Art Fair also invited a lot of Chinese designers. After decades considering China was copying or stealing from the West, Europe seems now to consider what China could have to offer.

An article by Lise.


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