Live the pleasures of winter

I usually feel a bit sad after the festive season. It’s not the fact of getting back to work, but more the loss of the joy and excitement that go with looking for gifts, preparing food for family, spending time with relatives, receiving gifts, decorating for Christmas or elaborating a dinner for New Year’s Eve. Once “Happy New Year” is said, all that vanishes.

So today’s post is about all those little things that are nice about winter lifestyle. Things to do or things to enjoy.

If you feel like this sheep over there, you’ll maybe find some interest in the tips he’s about to give you to cheer up winter!

Breakfast, a good start to the day

It can determine the whole flow of your day. Some mornings, take a little extra time to make it nice and make it good. Especially before a long/boring/stressing/mon day.
Try squeezing oranges instead of drinking bottled juice, it tastes better. Use nice tableware. We have new yellow bowls and mugs, that make our breakfasts sunnier.

Hot drinks

Winter is the season of hot drinks and original cocktails. I especially like hot white wine with elderflower, that I discovered at a Christmas market here in Lyon. After a little research, this recipe seems quite true to the drink I liked. And quicker than most of the recipes that advise to wait three months for the wine to improve!
There are rather simple recipes of hot drinks or cocktails that are worth trying to cheer up the evening. Visit the Happy Hour section of A beautiful mess to find way more recipes that you could imagine!

Invite your friends over

It seems to me that most of the dishes typical of the winter season are dishes you can’t eat on your own, or on a date, mainly because of their huge amount of cheese (in France at least, and don’t think I’m complaining). So gather with friends to cook dinner and enjoy it. It’s so nice to laugh together over good meals and play cards over a glass of wine, feeling tipsy. When the weather is not freezing, try going on a picnic, the cold wind will force you get closer!

Visit your favorite coffee shop more often

It seems logical to enjoy the places where you feel comfortable. Winter is a good season to try new habits at your favorite coffee place or restaurants.
In Lyon, one of my favorite coffee shop is La Bicycletterie. Both a bike shop (they repair and sell bikes and accessories) and a coffee shop (they sell organic fruit juices, homemade cakes, and have a great selection of teas), it really is a cosy and funny place.
I usually visit the place on Saturday afternoons, for a piece of cake and a Chai Tea. I recently tried their breakfast with a friend, and it felt good to enjoy the place at a different time of the day.

Well, I see that all the things that came to my mind are related to food. That actually says a lot about me! I can’t deny it, I love food.

All the links to the images used in this post are in the captions.

For stunning breakfast images and food in general, visit the Instagram accounts of signebay and _mariannejacobsen_.
For more picture about winter activities, visit my board Winter lifestyle on Pinterest.


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