Stumbling upon creative people on Instagram

Hi there! Today’s post is about the creative people and their work I happened to discover through Instagram.

I browse it mainly during my daily commute. It took me quite some time to understand the possibilities Instagram has to offer. But now, this social network is the one that works best for me, when it’s about quickly finding treats for the eyes.
Instagram happens to be a practical social media for artists or entrepreneurs to document their work and daily life, in a (more or less) spontanious way.

So let’s start with my most recent discovery (less than an hour ago!).

Manuel Muñoz GG, artist/entrepreneur. “In Mexico city until further notice”.

Manuel studied Fine Arts in the Chelsea College of Arts and Design, where he graduated with honors. He has shown several times in London and has been living there for 6 years. In 2010 he won the Bursary Award of the Royal Society of British Sculptures, making him the first ever Mexican active member. He’s now back in Mexico for a new chapter in his life and work.



The sculptures and installations of Manuel Muñoz G.G. examine our notions about the relation between person and environment, they not only defy the space but also our perception of reality through abstract pieces which involve the spectator both physically and mentally.



The architect and big geometry fan (especially trihedral) that I am really likes its work. Some pieces generate interesting shadows. The raw materials used by Manuel in his work creates a sort of tension between strength and fineness, delicacy.

Beyond copper


Instagram profile:

Atelier Halo, ceramic & daily life

This account is runned by a ceramist, Fanny Cavin, for her workshop, Atelier Halo, located in Toulouse (South West of France).
Fanny dreams and creates objects she makes in porcelain. Objects she wants to be simple and useful ; objects which can play with light, and sometimes play in the wind.



I particularly like her work with the dishes, with the tiny engraved blue birds. Most of the patterns and design are really simple, even with an amateur-ish feel that gives cuteness to the whole collection.
But she has many other talents, like painting.



The pictures of her daily life are pretty amazing, the colors are so soft.



Instagram profile:
Sources: Atelier Halo FB page:
Atelier Halo’s online shop:

Samantha Lee, Food Artist

Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother who creates fun, creative and healthy meals for her two young daughters and over half a million followers. She started creating food art back in December 2008 to help her eldest daughter eat independently and adventurously and started sharing her food artwork on Instagram in 2011.



Samantha sketches her ideas before tranforming them into amazing mouth-watering designs, in order to avoid food waste. What started as a cute gesture towards her daughters became a successfull business. She now works for various and famous companies all over the world!



She has already made countless designs of funny characters, such as Tinkerbell, Gangnam style, Mafalda, Angry birds, Batman, the Moomins, the Addams family, and so many more!



Instagram profile:


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