Interior design blogs mess up your head

I wrote this post a long time ago, maybe a year from now. When I was still writing in English and spending a lot of time on blogs. But what’s the point to keep it in the Drafts file? So here it is.

Do you browse an incredible number of lifestyle and home decor blogs? Do you feel like you need this and that in your interior? Is the scandinavian trend your favorite? And the boho syle? Or maybe the mid century modern astmosphere?
If your answers are yes, then like me, all these blogs are messing with your head.

Often after visiting my favourite design/interior/home decor/lifestyle blogs, I feel inspired. Inspired because I can totally picture my living room in this perfect scandinavian style. I mean, I already have wooden floors and a mantel, that’s a start right?

How to achieve this style? I can start by buying cool black and white posters, and maybe some graphic pillows. But then Eames chairs? like everybody else who has the money?
And what am I supposed to do with my boring existing pillows? and the coffee table that I bought at a flea market and that I really like? Do I have to paint it black or white?

Then I scroll down.

Boho style

OMG I love those pillows! ahem, what about the minimalist black and white? Neh, I like colored pillows more than black and white. Maybe the boho trend suits my style better after all. And I already have a colored kind-of-moroccan rug that is actually spanish and handmade. That’s a start again, right?

Oh! Here is a test to “define your interior style”. Perfect, I’m “warm industrial”. So I can have the colored pillows AND my reclaimed coffee table.

Since this post was initially written, I visit interior design blogs a lot less, and I finally bought a new diner table and chairs that are about to be delivered in the coming weeks. And they don’t belong to any trend!

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