What I do on sundays

Currently my sundays are quite boring from a certain point of view, and sometimes hurtful. They include a lot of self-reflection. I’m looking for a new job, so I spend a lot of time THINKING, and analyzing what I like to do, what I can do, what I want to do, etc.

There is a difference between having a diploma in Architecture and being an Architect. Right now, and these past 6 years, I consider myself and is considered an architect. That is what says my diploma, so that’s what I am. But in fact, it is slightly more complex than that. Architect is what I can be. But I can be so much more.

Albrecht Dürer used the image of an architect to personify melancholia. How fun is that? Also it seems Google doesn’t know architects don’t use that much paper nowadays.

As I’ve already discussed with some of my peers, our studies mainly taught us how to solve problems and synthesize. An architect is someone who does just that, in the field of construction.

These past four years, I did just that in the field of audiovisual equipments, related to construction and buildings.

Now, I want to do just that in another way. And I spend my sundays trying to define what could be that other way.

think hard

I watched a few TED Talks as a starting point, then I document myself on the people featured in TEDs, and some of them did a lot of great things and produced content available for free, or have blogs. (the famous Simon Sinek or Emily Wapnick are some examples).

I listen to podcasts on personal development or self-help. I don’t like those words but that’s what it’s called. You are supposed to grow and develop your whole life, and those words make it seem like it’s a phase or a conscious choice which is supposed to lead you somewhere. I don’t usually “apply” what is advised but I find interesting seeing things from a different perspective.

That’s what I try to do, change my perspective. And gosh, how tiring this is!

As a result, I write motivation letters to companies that have nothing to do with architecture whatsoever, trying to convince people that they need me (as in fact I need them too).

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