Morse Felt Studio

Earlier this year, I discovered a nice studio here in Lyon, when I received a forwarded email at the office for a Christmas sale. I wish architecture offices could be spammed with more of these talented creators newsletters.
Morse Felt Studio is a Lyon-based textile creation studio with a passion for artisanal wool felt. I like how this studio establish a relationship between traditional material and contemporary design: neon colors, geometric forms. Their cushions or rugs are not mass produced, it took hours of labour to define the design, choose the wool samples, transform them into felt. I like the idea to have fashionable home decor pieces that are handmade using traditional techniques. Morse felt studio seems to me an interesting alternative to Society6, this webshop offering thousands of designs printed on whatever you like, even though I’m the owner myself of two Society6 throw-pillows and I (have to) like them very much because I spent 4 hours choosing the design.
I wasn’t able to attend their winter sale, but I won’t miss the next one. I spotted the IDA and HOLDA collections.


MORSE is Elisabeth Berthon and Chloé Lecoup. Elisabeth is a felt maker, fashion designer, daring, resolute and spontaneous. Chloé is a felt maker, textile designer, perfectionist, reflective and contemplative.

Both are convinced that it is necessary, in today’s world, to reassert the value of natural fibre textiles and to prioritise production methods on a human scale. They develop their own collections and crafts unique pieces, limited editions or bespoke creations in collaboration with design agencies, architect practices and set designers.

With the desire to popularize a still undervalued material and to grow from new encounters and experiences, MORSE felt studio is constantly on the lookout for projects and partnerships in harmony with its values. They offer courses for beginners and experienced people to learn how to create scarves, beanies, skirts, gloves, purses, bags, cushions, rugs, etc. using different techniques.


Felt is a durable, renewable and biodegradable textile. An excellent insulator of heat and sound, it is also anti-static, non-allergenic, self-extinguishing, a controller of humidity and absorber of pollutants. It has intrinsic properties which help to maintain a healthy interior that is pleasant to live in.
It is a natural material that combines aesthetics and comfort but its huge potential has not yet been fully realised. However, its various qualities place it at the heart of debate about the contemporary habitat.


Find more information about MORSE felt studio on their website
All pictures credits Morse Felt Studio.

An article by Lise.