Magazine review: Frankie & Cereal

Hello to you all ! It’s been a while. I’ve been quite busy and stressed at work these past weeks. So much that for a while I didn’t feel any desire to do anything than sleep. Or maybe read.

I’d like to present you two magazines I discovered recently, and liked. I found them both at a quite special library here in Lyon, called DATTA.

They sell magazines from all over the world, some interesting books, a few shirts, some nice jewellery and stationery. The back room of the shop is a gallery, where DATTA hosts the works of artists from local art scenes, French and international, evolving in a variety of universes. In other words, a cool place I like to visit.

There, I bought the volume 8 of CEREAL magazine as a gift for my boyfriend, then the issue 62 of FRANKIE for myself.



FRANKIE is a bi-monthly Australian magazine, covering design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, craft, interiors and real-life stories.
The artwork on the cover caught my eye instantly, and the colorful pages didn’t disappoint. There are beautiful illustrations inside to introduce the real-life stories or interviews. I feel a uniformity between the different pictures that emerge through the light and tones. The variety of topics discussed makes it more pleasant to read, there’s a nice subject to read for every moment of your day or week.
Frankie is a magazine you can relate to and it feels good.
Visit Frankie’s website for wallpapers with cute vintage patterns.







CEREAL is a quarterly travel and lifestyle magazine, based in Bristol, UK.
It seems to me that it presents a quite unique aesthetic. There is, in some way, a contrast between the visual minimalism of the graphic elements and the rich and complete text that accompanies the pictures. I can’t tell about the previous volumes, but the volume n°8 was all about grey and blue tones, textures of white, that are all very actual tones and colors, and strongly represented in the various social medias. You could say we are almost bored with this minimalism everywhere. But CEREAL was just right and beautiful.
GuidedByCereal provides series of travel guides on the website, with stunning photography. There are currently guides to 13 cities and one will be added each month.







I can’t do anything else than advise you to have a look at these great magazines. It’s the kind that leaves you happy and inspired, but hesitant: Should you expose it on your wall as if it was a painting? or religiously keep it on your bedside table for a inspiring shot anytime?

Bonus: There was a poster in Frankie #62. So the question is solved, at least for this month…